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- Added Search in DotNetNuke Wiki (DNN General > Wiki)
- Search results now open in e new window, because Google does not allow framing the results anymore.


Added Search in DNN Wiki
Search results open in new window
Changed options to new Forum layout
Add Vendor Forum search Update DNN module Forums choices
Add anti framing script.
Changed Gemini search string after a suggestion by Erik VB
Tom Kraak (Seablick Consulting)gave me
Support to search DNN issue tracker (Gemini)
Support to search Bugnet project site
Change page to XHTML
Changed the base URL for better results
Thanks to Robax for notifying me there was
a problem with the results!
Add Search in specific forum on
Add Language filtering
Split Search option in two
Add Forums > Search in both Forums
Add Skinning > XHTML, CSS, Javascript
Add Programming > Module development
Add MSSQL > T-SQL, Manage
Add Free > Modules, Skin objects, skins
Add Various > Hosting
Add C# programming
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*) note for the DNN Forum results:
It could be that a link leads to a forum page with no threads, this is caused by the forum module, it includes the threadpage in the URL.
This will only happen if you are logged in on the DNN site and have changed the number of threads per page.

Solution: Click the link to the thread in the breadcrumb on top of the forum.